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SKIL RT1322-00 14 Amp Plunge and Fixed Base Digita

SKIL RT1322-00 14 Amp Plunge and Fixed Base Digita

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14 AMP PLUNGE ROUTER—Powerful 14 Amp, 2.5 HP motor includes both fixed and plunge bases for a variety of work. SPEED CONTROL LCD DISPLAY—Lets you select the bit type and material for suggested speed settings based on the task at hand. ELECTRONIC FEEDBACK—Ensures motor maintains RPM while the material is being routed. SOFT START—Provides a safe and controlled start to routing. LIVE TOOL INDICATOR—Stay safe and alert with an indicator that lights up when plunge router is connected to power. FAST AND ACCURATE SET-UP—Three coarse depth settings with micro-depth adjustment makes fast and accurate depth adjustments. SPINDLE LOCK—Safely change bits to tackle even the most intricate designs.

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