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Bluepoint Fastener

Bluepoint Fastener

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The BP301C is engineered and designed as a low velocity, semi-automatic .27 caliber tool that can be used to install .300/8mmheaded drive pins and 1/4?-20 threaded studs, up to 2-1/2” total length. This tool is designed for high speed use and repetitive applications throughout the contractors work hours. Applications Concrete forming Electrical fixture to concrete/ steel Conduit clip to concrete Commercial & residential construction Suitable Base Materials Normal-weight concrete Concrete masonry Steel Weight: 5 lbs Size: 13-5/8? Pin Type: .300?/ .315?/ 8mm head pin, 1/4? – 20 threaded stud Pin Length: 1/2? to 2-1/2? total length Powder Loads .27cal. (6.8 x 11mm) 10 load strip, semi automatic load adjuster Brown |Green | Yellow | Red | Purple

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